Physicians' FAQ

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Why is OptumHealth introducing NowClinic online care?
How does NowClinic online care work?
When will OptumHealth NowClinic online care be available?
Why is OptumHealth offering this opportunity?
Why should physicians sign up to be part of NowClinic online care?
Is there a patient interest for this type of care?
How is OptumHealth NowClinic online care different from other systems?
Which physicians are eligible to provide NowClinic online care services?
How can patients be assured that physicians will be available when they need care?
How much do patients pay for NowClinic online care services?
With NowClinic online care, will physicians have access to a patient’s health information?
When a consumer searches for a physician, how are the results displayed?
How is privacy ensured?
If physicians are signed up for OptumHealth NowClinic online care, can they step away?
What is the connection between OptumHealth and American Well?
1. NowClinic online care requires Internet Explorer version 7 and higher, Firefox version 2.0 or higher, or Safari version 4.0 or higher. 
2. Bradley C. Strunk and Peter J. Cunningham, “Treading Water: Americans’ Access to Needed Medical Care,” 1997-2001 Center for Studying Health System Change. Tracking Report Vol 1 March. 
3. Gartner Predicts 2009: Healthcare IT Moves from Transactional to Transformational. Vi Shaffer, Thomas Handler, M.D., Jonathan Edwards, Barry Runyon, January 27, 2009. 
4. American Well TNS study, 2009. 
5. If clinically appropriate. No controlled substances may be prescribed, and the availability of other prescriptions may be restricted by law. 
6. Charges for services provided via NowClinic online care are not submitted by NowClinic or the provider to any private or public third-party payor. Patients are solely responsible for all fees for services provided via NowClinic online care. Payment for NowClinic services does not cover pharmacy charges; patients must pay for prescriptions separately, if any.