With NowClinicSM now you can deliver care…

When it’s convenient.

Visit with patients from the convenience of your home or office with just a computer with Internet access1 or a telephone. You can set hours, or log on whenever you’re available. You’ll receive a notification when a patient is seeking care.

Hassle-free interactions.

We've taken care of everything, including malpractice insurance from Lexington Insurance, at no cost to you. And you don’t have to worry about billing patients or dealing with insurance. When you complete the visit your patient will submit payment via a major debit card or credit card, and we’ll forward payment to you (or your clinic).

On your terms.

You can always review a patient’s health issues to determine if you’d like to accept the visit, and you can decide what type of care you’ll provide via NowClinic, based on your expertise.

1. NowClinic online care requires Internet Explorer version 7 and higher, Firefox version 2.0 or higher, or Safari version 4.0 or higher.