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Introduction to NowClinic


How has NowClinicSM online care made your life simpler – and helped you get the care when you need it? Tell us about your experience, and we might share it with others. 


"The NowClinic website is an intuitive...

and accessible web experience that allows patients to access a medical doctor from the comfort of their own home or office. I registered, chatted with a doctor, and had a prescription called in within minutes. The doctor was professional, Internet savvy, inquisitive, and decisive. Moreover, he followed-up to confirm he had called in my prescription, and the following day he followed-up again to see how my treatment was progressing. The traditionally sterile experience of a doctor visit has been transformed into a patient-oriented-service that respects the time and schedule of a patient. I will, whenever possible, use this service for my family. This is the future of medicine and progressive treatment. I give the highest marks to NowClinic's entire staff. They get it, and they got it right."

— Chris S, Twin Cities, MN

"I am a full-time working mom in a professional...

field and have four children ages six years-old and younger. NowClinic not only allowed my son to heal quickly from a sore throat and infection, but also saved me a morning of trying to get an appointment with a doctor, traveling to the doctor's office, paying a co-pay and then going to the pharmacy – only to wait for my prescription to be filled. My doctor does not typically follow  up with prescriptions, so I usually wait at least 40 minutes for a prescription to be filled. In my son's case, he was already feeling better the very next morning. Also, because of NowClinic, I was able to spend more time with my family than I would have managing a typical doctor's appointment. I was also able to go back to work. I would highly recommend NowClinic to my friends and family and anyone with kids and or a busy schedule. Thank you NowClinic!"

— Shana, Full-time professional/working mother of four children.

"I tried NowClinic for the first time this morning...

slickest thing ever!

The registration process was simple and quick, finding a doctor online was easy, and chatting online and using the webcam made the interaction very personal.

[The doctor] was professional, engaged, and asked all the right questions about my medical history and current symptoms; making me feel very at ease with our online interaction. He also informed me that he will follow-up via email within the next two days to see how I am feeling (my own primary care physician doesn't do that!). The time and hassle I saved by eliminating a physician's office visit makes this a priceless resource.

If I had not done NowClinic - it would have been an appointment to the doctor. If I was lucky, I might have gotten in the same day, but doubtful. If not, possibly a trip to Urgent Care (while not preferable). Not only a trip to the doctor (resulting in missed time from work), but a trip to the pharmacy and a wait there for them to fill my prescription. My NowClinic experience had the prescription faxed (or however they worked their magic) to my pharmacy and it was waiting when I got there. With an upcoming work trip planned, I couldn't afford another delay to get back on the mend.

Overall, this was a great experience and a wonderful resource!

I look forward to sharing my positive experience with others who may not have yet utilized NowClinic.

Thanks a ton!"

— Shelly K., Minneapolis, MN